SMS Marketing: 5 Ways Brands Can Try It Out

With an open up rate of 98%, SMS Marketing is a primary, trackable and cost-effective marketing tool to engage your potential clients, customers and subscribers, by forming a direct connection with them. Although a very powerful communication tool, we cannot disregard the misuse of the channel over the last twenty years – and the polarized views on the list of marketers about Text message marketing.

The article throws light on 5 essential way marketers can make SMS marketing work with brand building:

Send verification SMS

If you are into retail, e-commerce or financial services, confirmation Business SMS is a nifty way to keep your customers updated on their purchases. Suppose a customer places an order on your website, immediately you can send them a message containing the order details. You will keep them modified on the delivery status, and a thank your communication post order delivery.

Confirmation or revise messages are useful in other industries as well. For example, a hotel can send a Text to verify bookings, or a flight can revise on its flight delays. Such marketing communications help fortify the confidence in your brand and increases the CX and brand conversation as well.

Conduct Surveys and Polls

How will you make sure that your brand or service is being well received by your visitors? You talk to them! Conducting a survey through a bulk SMS plan can help you realize more about how precisely customers perceive your brand. Every time a customer purchases a product from you, you can send them a message after few days requesting how happy they are really with the product/service.

Send Exclusive Offers

Whenever a customer decides to buy something from you, they establish a relationship with your small business.  Not interesting existing customers is a huge misuse of opportunity. Rather than letting that relationship slide, run a promotional advertising campaign to re-engage the customers. Gamification is an outstanding way to re-engage dormant customers or customers. You can SMS them coupons, gift certificates and another exclusive discount offers. This moves a long way in building customer romantic relationship and brand understanding. Read more.

Schedule Consultations and Reminders

You can use SMS marketing to permit your customers program meetings and send computerized reminders. Whenever a customer goes to your website to enquire more about your services and make a scheduled appointment – you can require their mobile number. Upon stepping into their quantity, they’ll get a Text with a distinctive URL to reserve the appointment.

Customer Service

In the center of multiple sophisticated customer service tools – Business SMS still supports its ground as a highly effective way to communicate with customers. More so, because it is simple and quick to attain customers via an SMS at the right time, when they can avoid making a phone call and being on hold for a straightforward confirmation/query.

The key is based on using a smooth manner for a seamless initiation of a spontaneous conversation with the clients, which makes the Business SMS noises valuable information alternatively than aggravating intrusion. A rightly constructed Text message with a sharp message sent at the perfect instant courses customers in going for a suitable action without them knowing about any of it! For more details, visit:

Great Shopping and Savings are Just A Click Through Away

I tend to be a distracted person when there are lots of things vying for my attention.  I tend to sign up for lots of opportunities to get on lists, get email reminders, and give in to other SMS marketing ploys.  I’m in the business myself, and understand how useful these alerts can be when I’m pressed for time and facing a deadline to get a gift for an upcoming wedding, birthday, or baby shower.  I’m guilty of forgetting names, but not faces.  I can remember incidents but not all the places where they happened.  So I have little reminders everywhere.  I’m a grad student, mother and wife.  I have a very busy life, and need all the breaks I can get.  That’s why I really pay attention when I see something from Groupon.  Especially if it’s for Lord & Taylor.  They have been one of my favorite department stores for decades.  I love the sophisticated looks they sell, the top-quality merchandise I’ve bought from them, and the edgy pieces I can mix with them to create a unique look.


In grad school I’ve learned that the open rate for SMS (which stands for short message service) is 90% compared to 35% at most for other marketing modes.  The 40% click through rate of SMS accounts for almost half of all the revenue generated by mobile messaging.  That’s over $100 billion US dollars.  There’s a piece of that pie with my name on it, and as soon as I’m done with grad school, I’m heading to a top marketing firm to ply my trade.  In the meantime, I can understand the appeal of SMS compared to snail mail.  I can easily act on a text.  Those annoying hard copies of deals tend to slip behind the sofa, or get tossed straight into the trash because the sale is over by the time I’m ready to use them.  

I’m happy with Groupon.  I can access deals from thousands of retailers and get instant discounts on goods and services I use all the time – right from my smart phone.  I’m really happy to see those from Lord & Taylor.  Besides, I consider shopping field research for my thesis.