How SMS Marketing Is Benefiting Various Online Businesses

Can you believe that SMS marketing is one of the best marketing options that we have today? It seems like a hot topic but it is true that since the invention of the mobile devices marketing is now being done through SMS. Despite the fact that there are several marketing mediums that have been there over the years, SMS marketing is the most reliable. It is the best and most marketing strategy to use when you want to reach the out to the end users with some small and targeted messages. SMS marketing has assisted many businesses to grow and some of these businesses that have grown because of SMS marketing are:

Entertainment spots

Entertainment spots are places such as bars and nightclubs. These are among the first places where SMS marketing was first done and it proved to be successful to them. The reason why these kind of businesses preferred using the SMS is because they found out that it was cheaper as compared to any other method of marketing as they could send a bulk of messages at avery low cost. They could use these means to inform customers about the next events that are in the near future. This method helped them reach all their customers.

Service Businesses

The most common examples of service businesses that use SMS to market their products are businesses like fitness centers, dentists, veterinarians, maintenance experts and many others. These are the kinds of service businesses that have tried out SMS marketing and it has worked for them. They send appointment reminders to their clients and the clients get them and due to this they are able to grow their businesses. SMS marketing makes it easy for information to be delivered within a short time and the recipient is able to read in and respond if need be. See more.

Retail stores

Retail stores are also in the mix of using SMS marketing to reach their customers and tell them about new products and any special deals that are in the market. There are some retailers that offer text only coupons. Texts can also be used to providing opinion polls.

Food establishments

The restaurant industry is one of the industries that have grown because of using sms to market their products and services. Restaurants have used sms for a very long time because it works for them and because it is a cheaper method of advertising their services. They can be able to target people at a certain time in a day such as during lunch time or dinner.


Most of the real estate firms today use sms marketing to reach their customers and let them know more about fresh listings or open houses. Bulk SMS enables them to reach as many clients as possible and this increases their chances of getting more customers.

Online businesses

Finally, online businesses also use SMS marketing to reach some of the customers who don’t use internet. What you need to know about SMS marketing is that it can be used by the e-commerce sites or any other site as a way of reaching more customers. SMS marketing is a highly flexible method of marketing and it is the cheapest method of marketing. For more information visit:

5 Benefits of SMS Marketing for Businesses

 Proper marketing techniques are key to the success of any business organization-whether small or big. Profit comes from numbers, and you get numbers by spreading your wings far. As competition stiffens among companies, it is advisable to use as many advertising methods as possible. One of the reliable methods is Business SMS.

With many people having phones, Bulk SMS is now one of the top ways to reach a potential client in a matter of seconds. There is actually no location barrier to the SMS service only that those going outside your locality are likely to be overcharged.To successfully benefit from this method, relevancy and moderation are key. Don’t send too many or irrelevant texts. This will make many people to unsubscribe.

5 Benefits of SMS Marketing for Businesses

  • Simplicity

With SMS marketing, you don’t need to prepare charts and other salesy presentations to mail to clients. You don’t have to walk or drive many miles to put your business on the map. You just need to craft a brief message, select all the opt-in members and click “send.” As simple as ABC, right?

  • Messaging service is a double-edged sword

An email gives you limitless characters, but with SMS, you only have 160 characters. Since you can’t abbreviate your message, you can prepare a HTML version with a link pointing to your website for more info. Most internet enabled phones will highlight the link thus prompting the user to click it. This way, you will be speaking to your clients in two ways.

  • Cost friendly

Putting your company in the limelight can be an overtaxing process both on resources and energy. Assuming you don’t go the Bulk SMS route, you’ll need to put together a marketingteam and provide them with essential tools (money, cars, power source, etc.) to take the word to the people. With SMS, you can spend less than a quarter of that money, and the messages will be delivered to the target audience in the next 2-5 seconds.

  • It’s easy for customers to reach back to you

With a short-dial message service code, your clients can get in touch with you and voice their concerns. This allows you to respond in time and avoid losing them to competitors. Additionally, this code can allow you to inform them about your newest gadgets or services that will pique their curiosity and make them visit the store.

  • Communicate with your employees

An effective SMS marketing toolis not only targeted to your clients but your employees as well. With options to switch mobile data off, many people read emails and other internet messages once or twice a day to curb battery and data drainage. An SMS pops right into the phone and lights up the screen for immediate attention. Thismeans, you can summon a meeting or send emergency text and be sure everyone has read it.

Business SMS is something small and established business should not take for granted. Virtually all adult beings carry a phone with them and thus through this medium, you can keep your current customer base informed while roping in more newcomers. Stay ahead of the game by using effective SMS marketing campaign. Visit this site :

How SMS Marketing Is Benefiting Various Online Businesses

SMS Marketing is better than any other mode of marketing? This might seem like a hot topic among marketers all around the world. Most of the marketing mediums have been available since decades, but the widespread of mobile devices has definitely changed the way every marketer treat these options in the marketing plans.

SMS Marketing is known to come as a reliable option to reach out to end users with precise and targeted messages. Mentioned below is a complied data that compares SMS marketing with the other modes of marketing to give you an overview of their current standing as an effective marketing tool.

 Open Rate

  • Open Rate of SMS Marketing – 90%
  • Open Rate of other modes of marketing – 30 to 35%

These numbers do not leave anything for us to debate on as your customer is bound to read your message sent via SMS.

The best bulk SMS service will have a combination of good quality international routing and cheap sms prices. If you have a service that requires guaranteed delivery such as an emergency or alert service then you should use a direct local connection, even though this is still not 100% guaranteed to deliver it will give you the highest percentage of success.

It will generally cost double though. These are just the very basics but building on these basics you can develop sophisticated mobile marketing campaigns that can quickly build great lists of loyal customers. More details in this post:

Quantity matters

  • Number of text messages; the lesser, the better
  • Number of emails or ads, the more the better

We do not need to think about this twice. Just think about how you treat your messages and emails. If you keep receiving an email from the same address, there is a probability you might just open it once. With messages, nobody is tolerant towards unnecessary disturbance.

The point of a text message is just to give out the required information in a precise manner and that’s what people expect from SMS Marketing.

Nature of Campaign/SMS

The nature of the message is very vital for text messages and any other mode of marketing. For instance, if you have an offer or discount to offer to your customers, SMS Marketing is the perfect mode. No other medium of marketing will create an impact as text messages when discounts and offers are considered.

Click – Through – Rate

  • The CTR of SMS Marketing – 40%
  • The CTR of other modes of marketing – 7 to 10%

The reason why every marketer is taking SMS Marketing seriously is because of the wide penetration of mobile phones in the market. Mobile phones are affordable and within everybody’s reach and so are the data packages.

And so, the possibility of the end-user opening the link sent via message, provided it is of their given interests, is much higher now than ever.

Regardless to say, an SMS will always find a way in your customer’s inbox. Finally, it is safe to say that SMS marketing is a more effective tool than any other. Have you tried it yet?

How does SMS marketing benefit online businesses?

SMS marketing is, up ’til now, still a significant “unfamiliar” type of publicizing to some degree and numerous organizations don’t yet take full favorable position of it. This is a disgrace as content advertising is effective and has various advantages, significantly more than basic update cautions and such like.

There are various advantages to utilizing bulk SMS, the minimum of which being that your gathering of people is by and large constantly accessible as they generally have their portable on them. This permits organizations to achieve clients wherever they are, whenever of day.

Why is SMS marketing so intense?

There are various advantages to SMS marketing, in any case, your clients will have as of now picked into accepting offers from your business, so they are as of now a ready group of onlookers.

Further to that:

– One-to one association with clients like no other type of publicizing

– No advertisement duplicate, no plan delays, a battle can be begun and finished rapidly

– SMS marketing makes a redemption rate of anyplace between 20-70%, rather than customary publicizing, which midpoints around 1.5%

– 90% of instant messages sent will be opened by the collector inside only 15 minutes, that is a decent, sound rate

– Bulk SMS is far less expensive than most other promoting models, offering a more noteworthy ROI

– It’s a green type of promoting, which gives an organization significantly more confidence

While SMS for business is still a developing industry in the UK, it’s savvy for organizations to start pondering what it can accomplish for their business. Obviously, a standout amongst the most essential things to recall is that it’s indispensable to remain inside the law.

Instructions to make the best SMS marketing

Firstly, similarly as with any marketing effort, it’s essential to focus on your clients and not simply send to all. This sort of personalization is a certain fire approach to guarantee you contact individuals who need to get certain offers.

The best time to send SMS is mid-late evening and its imperative that you utilize “appropriate” dialect and not content talk. This may appear glaringly evident, yet any individual who has ever gotten an email or content from a business will let you know that it’s bothering, best case scenario.

Keep in mind that with a SMS, it’s additionally imperative to keep it short, around 160 characters, with an unmistakable and capable invitation to take action. Less can in reality mean more on account of SMS promoting. Keeping it short and basic, with the message ready to be taken in initially, will incite clients to answer.

And in addition sending uncommon offers, organizations can utilize business SMS to set up updates for clients, for example, when they are sitting tight for a conveyance; they can be utilized to send request and cancelation points of interest, and in addition staying up with the latest with the most recent news.

There are different quality administrations that work bulk SMS sending for business so when arranging your battle, pick painstakingly and decide on a respectable company who will be just excessively cheerful, making it impossible to fabricate a viable and progressing effort.

Check out this link for more informations:

SMS marketing

Understanding The Benefits And Possible Drawbacks Of Mobile Marketing

One obvious benefit concerning the process of marketing mobile phones or mobile marketing in general is the fact that most people nowadays have mobile phones, ranging from simple cellular phones to smart phones like iPhones, Android, Blackberry, etc. Because of this, marketers or businessmen are somehow already one step ahead when it comes to reaching potential clients. The connection is none other than those mobile phones. So whichever type of mobile marketing you are trying to include in your marketing campaign – be it SMS marketing or that mobile web marketing – you have some sort of advantage already. You only have to make that advantage worth it.

How about doing both options?

Small business owners don’t have the luxury of huge budgets compared to big businesses, so should they consider mobile marketing? The answer is a resounding yes. The best thing about a cell phone or a smart phone is the fact that it gives you the ability to reach people wherever they are and whenever you want. So you can definitely reap the benefits if you start putting your campaign on mobile.

With mobile marketing through business SMS, the other benefits include having decent, perhaps more, response rates and the fact that it can be integrated with other marketing strategies. You can use social media (such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Digg) and traditional media (i.e. radio, television and print) to disseminate your SMS short codes. These “short codes” are the codes that interested folks need to remember and opt-in to so they can receive SMS updates from your business or company.Checkout latest news at

Because people can opt in, this makes subscribers of your updates some of the most targeted audience your business can ever have. This is because they want to get in touch with you and they are the ones who want to learn whatever your business is offering. It also helps a lot that mobile

SMS marketing is cheaper than the usual web or online marketing.

With mobile web marketing, another benefit is that your customers can still view your site as efficiently as possible even if they are using their mobile phones to do it. For instance, if they want to purchase something off your site but don’t have access to a PC or laptop, they can still do so using their mobile phones. Your clients will very much appreciate how flexible your services are – either online or through mobile web. This just proves how effective mobile marketing is and why you should add it to your list of strategies. In this era wherein you can send text message online, shop clothes over the Internet and know someone’s actual location through GPS features and location-based services, you should utilize anything that can help you and your business gain leverage.

SMS marketing

But mobile marketing has its drawbacks as well. For text message marketing or SMS marketing, there are issues regarding permission and privacy that you have to deal with properly. For mobile web marketing, the problem has something to do with the varying phone standards. For instance, some individuals may not be able to view your business’ mobile website very well because their phones’ settings aren’t compatible with your site. These are the things you have to understand first before venturing into mobile marketing.

bulk SMS marketing

Advantages Of Bulk SMS For Your Business

In today’s marketing arena, SMS marketing is gaining recognition among the entrepreneurs with its cost effective and reliable features. In 2011, worldwide mobile messaging market generated US$202 billion as revenue and mobile messaging contributed to 63.5%. As SMS is becoming the medium of communication between people, using bulk SMS marketing is an effective way to boost your business productivity. And one of the best ways to keep your customers in the loop is to send short messages.

In SMS marketing, companies send bulk SMS easily and quickly in order to promote or sell their product or services. However, in order to use this marketing tool, it is important to get and compile a list of potential customers whom you want to reach. Providers of bulk SMS services offer software programs, which are used to create a text message template. These programs have the ability to personalize the SMS message on the basis of the customers’ names. Bulk SMS is offered as SMS white label and SMS private label. White label is more commercial and is quite affordable; private label is useful for people who are looking to showcase their home-based business.

However, sending SMS to thousands of clients is a time consuming and tedious process. Thanks to bulk SMS software which has simplified the ways of sending bulk SMS. Now, you will be able to send SMS in bulk to your clients in just a single click. With the help of this software you will be able to send multiple texts from your computer to mobile phones in just one go. The software will enable you to enter the mobile phone numbers of the recipients in bulk using CVS or Excel. It’s secure and the GUI interface is extremely user friendly; therefore, using it is very easy and even an inexperienced entrepreneur can use it effectively.

It works with Internet-based connectivity and once you have the software all you need is the Internet connection to send out the alerts. The efficacy of the software ensures that the messages are delivered instantly to the recipients. This gives you an edge over your competitors and makes sure that you are always a step ahead of them. Another important benefit of the software is that it offers an extremely cost effective means of communication. You can pass on your message to thousands of your customers by shelling out peanuts.Read her latest blog posted at

If you are an entrepreneur seeking ways to enhance your business productivity, you need to know about bulk SMS software options.

bulk SMS marketing

Actually finding software for sending messages in bulk across different parts of world is fairly easy. When you purchase the best software available in market you will get a host of benefits. For starters, you will be able to use your own keyword in the text.

Therefore, the recipients will get texts that display your registered keyword. The software will enable you to send advertisements along with the text. Integration with the site or portal is included in the price of the software and with a single click you will be able to send unlimited text messages. So, what are you waiting for? Send out SMS in bulk and get enhanced customer traffic.