Great Shopping and Savings are Just A Click Through Away

I tend to be a distracted person when there are lots of things vying for my attention.  I tend to sign up for lots of opportunities to get on lists, get email reminders, and give in to other SMS marketing ploys.  I’m in the business myself, and understand how useful these alerts can be when I’m pressed for time and facing a deadline to get a gift for an upcoming wedding, birthday, or baby shower.  I’m guilty of forgetting names, but not faces.  I can remember incidents but not all the places where they happened.  So I have little reminders everywhere.  I’m a grad student, mother and wife.  I have a very busy life, and need all the breaks I can get.  That’s why I really pay attention when I see something from Groupon.  Especially if it’s for Lord & Taylor.  They have been one of my favorite department stores for decades.  I love the sophisticated looks they sell, the top-quality merchandise I’ve bought from them, and the edgy pieces I can mix with them to create a unique look.


In grad school I’ve learned that the open rate for SMS (which stands for short message service) is 90% compared to 35% at most for other marketing modes.  The 40% click through rate of SMS accounts for almost half of all the revenue generated by mobile messaging.  That’s over $100 billion US dollars.  There’s a piece of that pie with my name on it, and as soon as I’m done with grad school, I’m heading to a top marketing firm to ply my trade.  In the meantime, I can understand the appeal of SMS compared to snail mail.  I can easily act on a text.  Those annoying hard copies of deals tend to slip behind the sofa, or get tossed straight into the trash because the sale is over by the time I’m ready to use them.  

I’m happy with Groupon.  I can access deals from thousands of retailers and get instant discounts on goods and services I use all the time – right from my smart phone.  I’m really happy to see those from Lord & Taylor.  Besides, I consider shopping field research for my thesis.